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Another 25 hour day confined to the pleasure palace. It has gotten so windy, yellow crime scene tape has been affixed to all the doors outside to the decks. While barf bags are thoughtfully distributed around ship corridors, there seems to be little need for them despite the rough seas. The stabilizers modern cruise ships have do a wonderful job of taking the nausea out of the pitch and yaw. We love to walk the decks outside, buried in the mental cocoon our Ipods provide, but we are reduced to circling the floor on which we live. Rather like winter mall walking in northern climes. With our quick pace we are in danger of knocking down some of fellow residents like bowling pins as we whiz past their doorways. Our rapid stride keeps the heart pumping and also insures that we remain in an upright position.

We have heard that the ship is fully booked and hordes of folks wander around clogging the corridors, looking for things to do. We attend two more lectures, one by a professor whose wandering approach to his topic and inability to run his power point notes, renders us so frustrated we walk out in the middle. Another movie we've been wanting to see fills the afternoon.

As frequent flyers on Princess lines, we have reached an elite status which includes 400 free internet minutes for a month's cruise. We are amazed to learn that this does not include the work we do on our laps tops via wi fi. We queue up in the cyber cafe and are frustrated once again to discover that the site we use to post this blog is blocked. We are also not comfortable doing our banking online on computers that are used by one and all. Ken is on the seventh floor trying to reach a satisfactory solution to this problem speaking with the guru in charge of elite status, while I am at the purser's office, working my way up the chain of command. There is much corporate buck passing and we may use our precious e-mail minutes to badger corporate in Miami further. This will keep us from posting our mini movies and restrain the photo posts as well, since many minutes click by during the upload. Perhaps we can fill in the gaps when we find ourselves on land again. This wi fi policy runs counter to what we have experienced on other cruise lines. Princess will be getting an ear full.

All in all we are rendered incoherent by the constant time zone changes as we work out way toward Asia. September 19 has vanished without a trace as we crossed the International Date line September 18 and came out the other side September 20. That was pretty painless, but we still have seven more time zones to go before we reach Japan. Jet lag is uncomfortable no matter how you do it, but here when the eye lids start to flutter at 2pm because you couldn't sleep past 3am, we are not driving a rental car on the wrong side of the road trying to navigate through an unfamiliar city. And so - to bed.

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