Granny's First Trip 2007 travel blog

Devils Tower at night

I got the RV into a real nice spot here at the campground, we open the door and there is the Devils Tower, right in front of us. I positioned the RV so we were able to level it out almost perfectly (front to back and side to side). We are on batteries though, no water or power hookups. There are bathrooms with running water but no heat and water spigots to get drinking water. We are really roughing it. There is a prarie dog town at the base of the tower and deer walk through the campground. The leaves are changing. It is very pretty here.

There is a group of climbers staying here and we watched 4 of them climb the tower in the dark last night. In the picture you can see the little dot on the left, that is one of their lights.

It got down to 48 last night and rained. When we woke up, we had water dripping into the RV from the center of the slide. I raised the landing gear and all the rain that had pooled on top of the roof poured off. We cleaned up the water with towels (only the one dining table cushion was soaked and a little of the carpet. Lesson learned - the RV should not be so level, or put the slide in when it rains.

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