Granny's First Trip 2007 travel blog

Marker for the center of the US

Grandpa with his hands crossed?

Granny gets another rock

Left the Black Hills and headed out to Devil's Tower. The RV brakes started squealing very loudly when stopping, so we made a quick call to Anthony and he said it probably was brake dust from using the brakes too much. We dialed the controller down a little and have not had any more noise since (that and it has stopped raining).

We went to Belle Fourche, SD on the way to Wyoming. It is the geographical center of the US (when you include Alaska and Hawaii). There was a little museum there and a military display on the wall. There was a ship's company picture of the USS North Dakota from 1921. I think we spotted Grandpa on the left side. Look at the picture and see what you guys think.

Once we left Belle Fourche, we got back on the interstate and the SERVICE ENGINE SOON light came on. We called OnStar and they ran a diagnostic and told me that air intake was indicating a problem, but continue driving and take it in for service if it did not clear the fault within 24 hours. Granny then read the owners manual and found out that changing gas can cause the fault light. I had filled up with Super Unleaded this morning because the station was out of Regular and I did not want to drag the RV across the street to another gas station. By the time we got to the Devils Tower, the light had gone out. Lesson learned - run the cheap gas in the truck and OnStar saved me from calling Anthony twice in one day.

We will be at the Devils Tower tomorrow, there is a 1.3 mile trail around it that Granny said she will walk with me. After that we will head to Sundance and see some of the towns here. I have Verizon for my laptop and have bars, but ATT on the cell phone and absolutely nothing here, so we will be in touch as we travel tomorrow.

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