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April in her great grandmother's town of origin!!!

Francesco, possibly the most hospitable man alive!

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Wow, what can I say about Campobasso? How strange it was to step off the train and be standing in the very place that my great-grandparents left almost a hundred years ago. It was fascinating to watch young women walk by and to think that this would have been my life had my great-grandparents not taken that brave step.

In Campobasso we were immediately greeted by the same kindness and hospitality that we have encountered everywhere in Italy. A man named Francesco that we approached in a coffee bar at the train station promptly downed his espresso and made sure that we had what we needed and made it safetly to our hotel, leaving his phone number in case we needed anything.

We weren't really sure what to do in this small Italian town off the beaten path, but lucky for us, there happened to be a be a huge festival that very night and the streets were packed to the gills with food vendors, musicians, artisans, activities for kids and tons and tons of people. What a great event to stumble into! And of all people,who did we come across at the blues stage, but Francesco and his friend Joseph, who offered to show us around the historic part of Campobasso the next day.

The next morning (Sunday)we were able to look down on the whole town, situated in the middle of green rolling hills and vineyards, from the top of the old castle on the hill. However, as soon as afternoon hit the streets were desserted and we could not find an open store or resturaunt in the city. Italians take their day of rest seriously! Luckily we were invited to Joseph's house to meet his English-speaking 18 year old daughter Francesca, eat pastries and use the internet. What incredibly kind people! They made sure we had everything we needed for our train ride to Rome and a place to stay when we arrived, with no motive other than to help out two lost foreign girls. We may just have to move to Italy!

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