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Well, we are off on our first adventure through Europe. We only booked a week before we left, so that was pretty conveniant! It's going to be quite a trip, as we are not going to arrive to our destinations easily.

Our itinerary is interesting, to say the least! Today, we are about to take off and WALK to the train station. We found out last night that the busses don't run before 10a.m in Trondheim, and our train takes off at 9:50a.m. That is okay, we'll get some good exercise in before our 9 hour train ride to an airport south of Oslo (pronounced Oh-shlo by the Norwegians). We will then take off on RyanAir for a 1 hour flight to Frankfurt, Germany, where we will land around midnight.

From there, we pick up a little, tiny car that we will drive 3 1/2 hours to Brussels, Belgium. We will stay there for 3 nights while Todd attends a nuclear energy conference (and to all of you Oles that have had experiences with me in Europe, we do have rooms for 2 nights, Todd really THINKS we can find another room on the 3rd night and I can't convince him otherwise=) ).

After our adventures of bike riding, nuclearing, and waffle and beer drinking are over, we will take off in our cute little car (pictures will be attached later) for Munich, Germany, where we will attend the infamous Oktoberfest. After we have had way too much beer and pretzels, we are going to tour southern Germany on the Romantic Road, finding our way to Rothenberg, Neushwanstein Castle (sp) that Disney designed the Cinderella castle after, and many other interesting destinations--you'll have to read our upcoming journals for more details!

Take care, and expect some crazy pictures an journals to come!

Love, E & T

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