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At least the bike is getting a good rinse today.

The forecast of heavy rain due to the recent tropical storm that hit the eastern coast of the US was accurate. We are glad we decided to hole up here an extra day in Dartmouth.

The morning started with intermittent light rain so we took a chance and headed down to the local farmer's market, then to the laundromat to catch up on our laundry. We almost beat the storm but just as we left the laundromat about noon the skies let loose and the wind picked up quickly. We only had a couple of km back to the motel so we did not get totally soaked.

We spent the rest of the day watching the rain and TV. We also spent some time planning our route going forward.

One option we contemplated was to head south-west towards texas, leave the bike there in storage for a couple of months, then return in late January or early February to continue into Mexico. The problem with this is that it will be more difficult to make changes to the bike and/or our gear if the bike is in storage vs. having it at home.

The only change to the bike will be to extend the side stand and perhaps install an Ohlin aftermarket shock on the rear. Both would be nice to have on an extended trip into mexico. We will also likely want change a few items of clothing and perhaps quit carrying the camping gear since accomodation in mexico is reportedly very inexpensive and Janine is less enthusiastic than I am about camping.

The decision we reached is to head back home. The route we have worked out will take us through the us south of the great lakes, then angle north west back to Alberta. The route will follow secondary highways and backroads as much as possible and hopefully avoid most of the major cities.

The route will take us through or at least touch on 13 US states: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming and finally Montana.

The distance is roughly 5,500 km and we expect we will take 2 to 3 weeks to complete it bringing us home by the first or second week in October. This is about as late as we think we can push it before risking freezing weather and snow. This might even be pushing it a little.

Tomorrow we are heading to Peggys Cove and Lunenberg. Monday we are scheduled to take the Ferry from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia to Bar Harbour, Maine where our mairitimes exploration will end and our journey home will begin.

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