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the wandering suitcase

All summer we've been hearing new reports about how none of the planes leave on time and that the airlines over book so that they can be assured of flying full. If a flight is cancelled for any reason, the passengers sometimes have to wait days before they can fly on to their destination. It makes a traveller seriously consider jumping in the car and doing it themselves. But we were traveling after Labor Day. It makes all the difference. Both of our flights were fairly full, but the middle seats often were empty and we had room to fidget and stretch our legs. Both flight left a bit early and arrived even earlier than the published time. This was the low season flying we had hoped for. So far so good.

But my heart sank as I stood at the baggage carousel in the Anchorage airport and watched everyone's bags arrive, but mine. To be honest, I did get one suitcase, but even with my efforts to split my stuff among two bags, it seemed that everything that was important was in the missing bag. How was I going to be on a cruise for a month and then on the move for another month without my spare contact lenses, the information we needed to find our B & B's in Ireland, etc. etc? I joined a few other folks who were wondering aloud how they could lose our bags on a non stop flight between Las Vegas and here, but lost they were. I filled in a form and filed it with the lost luggage department and they guessed that my bag had gone to Phoenix (WHY?) and would arrive here at midnight. Lo and behold my suitcase was delivered to our hotel at 3am and all was right with the world once again. Phew!

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