Alaska 2007 travel blog

After another short 160 mile drive, we arrive in Salt Lake City to stay at the Salt Lake City KOA that is about 14 blocks west of the Temple in downtown SLC. This is a good location because we can get to Wendy's in about 10 minutes. So we set up, had lunch and headed over to see Wendy's new home.

Wendy has rented a nice house with a huge basement that has hardwood floors and a nice kitchen. She said the neighbors are really friendly and it is near some of her clinics. Since we had not seen her for a few months she gave Susan her birthday present that was a beautiful glass bowl from Japan. In the spring,Wendy had traveled to Japan to visit Kim, a very close friend from med school. For Father's day, Wendy gave Tim a print made from a wood carving from Japan. It is really unique with a fishing boat scene.

So for the afternoon, we decided to go to a movie, 3:10 to Yuma--a real shoot-em up western, then dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant and final attend the Mormon Tabernacle Choir practice at 8PM. Everything was really great! The choir practice was a wonderful experience with the choir singing the Battle Hymn of the Republic for a group of men and their families from the USS O'Brien a US Navy ship from WWII.

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