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The ferry crossing last night was very smooth. We had not been able to book a berth so opted for a "reserved seat", which is basically a reclining seat similar to an airliner. In fact the seats were much better than an airliner and Janine slept well most of the night. I on the other hand hardly slept at all which is unusual.

We docked at North Sydney, Nova Scotia about 1:30 PM. It was overcast but much warmer than Placentia, Newfoundland. Our plan was to stay in Tracadie at the cabins we stayed in on the way to Newfoundland. We pulled into a parking lot book the cabin and to pull out our Nova Scotia map and decide which route to take. Within a few minutes a fellow stopped by asking if we needed any help. He gave us the complete lowdown on the two routes we were contemplating.

The remanents of a tropical storm were expected to hit Nova Scotia this afternoon with the threat of heavy rain on the forecast. We decided to take the more direct, inland route from Sydney to Port Hawksbury along Bras D'Or Lake, a huge fresh water lake that nearly cuts Cape Breton Island in half.

The route we had chosen was very scenic and fairly twisty so it was a pleasure to ride. The clouds were getting heavier by the minute so we did not waste any time getting to Port Hawksbury and almost beat the rain but not quite as it was starting just as got there.

We had discovered a Sobey's with a wonderfull fresh seafood section at Port Hawksbury on the way through a month ago. Since we had cabin we decided to pick out a couple of live lobsters at Sobey's and have them steam them for us. (I figured live lobsters would be a little tough for Janine to stuff in her pockets.)

By the time we left Sobey's it was just pouring. We pulled the bike up on the sidewalk under an overhang to pack the groceries and perhaps let the storm pass. Half an hour later there was no change so we reluctantly headed to Tracadie through the storm and arrived soakinging wet once again. We are really getting tired of the rain.

With out cozy cabin secured and our lobsters at the ready we quickly forgot about the rain and settled down to a great meal. Tomorrow is suposed to be sunny and clear by noon. We sure hope so.

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