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The ferry back to Nova Scotia (midnight)

Another cold and dreary day. I must sound like a broken record but we really have had a lot of dreary days the past couple of weeks. We basically spent today hanging around killing time as the ferry does not leave until midnight but we do not want to venture too far in the rain.

We did replace a tailight bulb that had worn out due to vibration; the contacts had worn down. We also replced the headlight halogen bulb due to the low beam being burn out.

I think it is just as well that today is cold and dreary. The weather gives us some incentive to leave Newfoundland. Otherwise we might stay forever. The weather notwithstanding, this is one of the most wonderful places on the planet from our point of view.

The landscapes, the buildings and the history all have a unique charm but there is nothing to match the charm of the people. Nowhere have we felt so welcome and comfortable. There is nothing phoney about these Newfoundlanders. They are as genuine as it gets. They are also the most resiliant people I have ever met.

They have met hardships on this island time and time again but they seem to take it all in stride. One of the most famous bands from Newfoundland is "Buddy What's His Name and The Other Fellers." They were being interviewed in Toronto one day when they were asked why there was no work in Newfoundland & Labrador. Their answer: "We got 'er all done. Now w're fanning out across the country to help you get yours done."

There is a lot more truth to this than we might think and we should all tip our hats to them for "helping us get ours done." Believe me, they face a lot of hardships to do it. Leaving friends, family and this beautiful place in order to make a living is a sacrafice I would not wish on anyone. The bright side is that you can see the impact the Alberta wages are having "back home" in Newfoundland. There are new houses going up all over and everyone seems to be upgrading their homes. There is one constant with all the maritimers I know who are working "away"; they all want to come home.

God help us if the new oil deal Newfoundland just signed for the Hebron oilfield project really takes off. We might have to try and "get 'er done" on our own.

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