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Kauri wood dresser built in 1890

Kauri amber, they call it gum

12' diameter, 2,000 year old Kauri tree

Drive to Paihia..... We had our longest drive today with several stops. It rained the whole way which took away from the pictures (and the ones I didn't bother taking.). First stop was at a great museum, the Kauri Museum. Kauri is a tree here that is all but wiped out due to logging. The trees are 2,000 years old (or were) and they are usually 12 feet or so in diameter. The wood is really beautiful, something like Koa wood from Hawaii. The main points of the museum were the logging of the wood, the amber from the sap, and pioneer life of the early Kiwi's that settled the land. The museum had a complete logging mill, several displays of furniture made from kauri, several rooms from a house, and a complete boarding house. It took more than an hours just to cruise through the place, you could easily spend an entire day if you had the time. They had many slabs of wood, and the biggest was 70 feet long and 12 feet wide. Now that could be a dinning table to feed 64 people.

After that we went through a forest of Kauri trees that have been saved. We saw one tree that was 2,000 years old. Later we stopped to take a picture of sand dunes in the rain, but the picture doesn't look good. We made a stop at a place that had a wood shop that made furniture out of Kauri, but it was Sunday and it was closed. Then we headed to the RV park. It is not the nicest one we have been in, but it is the last one. We leave for Auckland the day after tomorrow and we will be in a hotel for 2 days before going to Fiji.

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