2007 Australia/New Zealand/Fiji travel blog

The start of the day

Clouds and rain - and a rainbow

We hiked to this waterfall

Waterfalls everywhere

The coast

Rainforest seemed prehistoric

Stormy day

One lane bridge, we crossed 26 today

Fox Glacier - we hiked in 50 mph wind and rain for...

Drive to Franz Josef.... More driving and stopping at places. Today started off really nice with a rainbow. Then it got cloudy and later rain. Then big wind. We were supposed to stop and do several interesting hikes to see some really nice stuff. We decided to nix that. We did do one short hike to a nice waterfall. After that we noticed that since it was raining there was literally thousands of waterfalls everywhere. The coast was very stormy so we got some shots of that. The rainforest here looks like it came out of Jurasic Park. We crossed 26 one lane bridges today. They don't use traffic signals, they use signs to tell you which direction has the right of way. We went to the Fox Glacier and hiked in a downpour with 50 mph winds. We got close enough for one picture and called it quits. On the way out a gust of wind hit the motor home and it slide sideways into a glacier boulder. The impact ripped the door off the motorhome. We drove 26 kilometers to the next rv park and told the wagon master. They made arrangements for us to get a new motorhome the next day. To make it through the night we put up two plastic trash bags with cloths pins, piled suitcases on the inside and put the door on the outside. It leaked like a sieve but we made it through the night with the heater going full blast and extra blankets on the bed. To top of the day, we were worried sick about Ramona, and our house, and we couldn't get any info.

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