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Sooooo I started writing this big entry and then the stupid french computer ate it so I'm abridging.

From Brussels we headed back to Paris. Long story short I'm retarded and had to spend an entire day and night alone in Paris... by myself. I stayed in the Montmart area which is really nice however I noticed on my map that the Moulin Rouge was just a couple blocks down so I thought I'd go have a look. Poor idea... very poor idea. Turns out that's the red light district and even in the best part of the day not a place to be a single white female. They aren't very subtle with their cat calls or signs. Probably a good time to not speak french.

I ended up going to bed that night at 8pm because it pretty much wasnt safe to be outside. And I figured that was a good thing because I had to meet my friend chris at a shuttle bus stop at 615 in the morning. Oh and as a side note I managed to procure a mobile (portable en francais) that day.

Anyways I managed to sleep through my ipod alarm, and my cell phone alarm just didnt go off soooooo I woke up at 715 instead of meeting chris at 615. Needless to say unlike in canada when i show up at take off and they still let me on the plane they did no such thing in france and I did not make the plane. I can't lie there were tears and I was not a happy camper... some might say a grumpy bear lol. I ended up having to take a MUCH later flight (like 10 hours later) and MUCH MUCH more expensive flight.

And then I got to Rome and it was totally worth it. The hostel was AMAZING!! We got breakfast in bed and they over booked so we even got our own room... not without some akward comments from the front desk guy about boyfriends and girlfriends (he kept saying it plural like we had no choice... very werid)

Rome was totally amazing it was nice to look at something so substantial after staring at paints for so long in paris (which still was pretty cool). We went to the Vatican and saw the Sistine Chapel and while its a really neat room it is soooooooo different from what you would except and to be honest not as impressive as I would've thought. I know I sound like a spoiled brat but I assure you I'm not the first to say this.

Oh haha funny story so I think that the entire world has been warned about pick pockets in europe but after having absolutely no problems in Paris I suppose I was a bit relaxed about the whole thing; Well on the metro to the vatican someone rudely bumped me and then proceeded to stand right in my way on the train. I brushed it off as rudeness but turns out I think she undid the clip on my purse and when I looked down half way through the journey, there was my wallet half way out of my purse. Thank god I have such a huge wallet because I managed to get it back before she took it and nothing was lost and she (some what polietly) got off at the next stop. Anyways I was justly shook up but got to use the opportunity to have Chris carry the purse (bwhahahaha). So all good in the end and lesson learned hold on to your purse and always have an obnoxiously large wallet.

Our stay in Rome also coincided with Blanca Notte. I'm going to go ahead and claim I planned our trip around this. Anyways turns out its this HUGE street festival where they close all the streets and have tons of different areas of live music and show movies on the sides of buildings and we saw salsa dancers!! Oh ya and you can drink legally in the streets!!!! GLORIOUS Soooooo I got really really drunk and had a very painful 8 hour train ride back to Nice the next day. But the train was totally adorable and had compartments just like on Harry Potter.

Anyways stay tunned for my next adventures!

Off to the beach,


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