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Hey All,

Doing a bit of catch up on the blog entries so I'm sorry if they aren't all you hoped for.

So from Paris my mother and I travelled up to Lille to drop my stuff off at my apartment. Evidently their sewer system here isn't the best so we were greeted by the lovely smelly of sewer gas upon entry. The lady who let me in seemed so unfazed by it I couldn't believe it. And being me... I was naturally fairly upset. However turns out if you let the water run for a while the smell goes away. My room isn't very big but I have a bed, a desk, tons of shelves, a little kitchen and a huge bathroom area. The furniture isn't super nice but its clean which is much much more than I can say for some of the other girls (they're sleeping in their sleeping bags and won't not wear shoes in their room, oh and one of the girls found pubes on her toilet)

Anyways we bought a bunch of stuff for my room (naturally all in shades of turquoise and blue lol) and then we hopped aboard another train and headed to brussels. Thanks to the internet we scored an amazing hotel (think fairmont quality but super cheap) with this amazing spread for breakfast and then we did what we do best - shop. Brussels has GREAT shopping and our hotel was pretty close to the main area. The neat part about shopping in europe is its mostly just stores on little pedistrian streets even big stores like Zara. Oh and there's street vendors everywhere with delicious waffles mmm hahah

And then we had to head back to paris so my mom could catch her plane home but we got lucky and got to go on a Eurostar train which are the super fast trains that go through the chunnel (very comfortable and very swank).

incase you hadn't noticed... J'adore beliugm waffels!


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