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MY tent ... there are many like it, but this one is...

We landed in Kuwait right before midnight (local time) on the 11th. Most of us, since we had started our little flying trip here on the 10th, almost missed the fact that we were just about through with the day that changed so many lives in America only 6 short years ago.

From unpacking the plane, to the hour plus bus route to get to Camp Virginia, and then a welcome aboard brief (with all the things you can and can't do! grin!) we finished up around 0400 in the morning. Most of us tried to stay up and walk around the Camp so we could get our body clocks changed over quicker, and it was actually nice out! Around 85ish ...

The day slowly turned warm, then hot, then (pant pant) really hot (around 112) ... then this really nice oven-like air began to blow (grin!) ... it's certainly going to take some getting used to ... everyone once in awhile someone would say while we were walking around "Is it just me or is really, REALLY hot out here?!?"

The next few days are acclimation days for us, then we will be heading out to the range for a few days (yeah! No shaving AND no showers!!) and pretty much as soon as we get back we will start being sent up to all the different areas (Afghan, Iraq, Africa, etc) ... looks like my Army travel/training over here is almost at an end. Looking forward to starting this new job and gettng down to work ... and then coming home.

Again, appreciate all the emails and prayers. God bless guys ...

I will be posting more pics once I get up to Baghdad ... all the free public computers here are pretty old, and can't seem to handle the bandwidth to post pics (!)

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