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A mellow Sun afternoon - a table of poker players and 2...

We missed this Toga party when we were in Guat City

Jim Ellis, Marina Owner

Frank with his pet chicken

Kay from Bettie fitting our new sunscreen

The Captain installing a new bilge pump

Chef Juan

Pool with the Palapa in the background

Pirate Night at Marios - Trish and Bob






Pop delivery - Rio style

Such a pretty pair (male and female)

Faye having her hair done by Gail, our resident hairdresser

Wendy and Graham (from Toronto)

Al can be found here every afternoon in "Al's corner" of the...

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

(MP4 - 7.57 MB)

Diamond Lil's photo shoot

(MP4 - 12.74 MB)

The Dock Walk

(MP4 - 8.52 MB)

The Cayuco Club

(MP4 - 6.90 MB)

Monday night is pot luck night

(MP4 - 8.68 MB)

Mario's Own Sweet River Band

(MP4 - 11.38 MB)

I bet my kids will laugh at our cool light show!

(MP4 - 7.43 MB)

Mike and the MP3's entertaining a rowdy crowd.

It's been raining all day and I'm entertaining myself making video clips.

I haven't given Mario's Marina much mention so this is all about our home away from home.

See some of the faces and places and the loco hippy gringos when the lights go out.

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