Sheila & Terry's New Zealand special holiday travel blog

Leaving New Zealand cost us 25 dollars each which was a bit af a surprise but we managed to negotiate all the security checks and get our heavy luggage checked in OK. We had a 3hr 30min flight to Brisbane first and then everyone had to pile out with all their hand luggage and go through all the security barriers etc again before reembarking 2 hours later. Quite a performance as we only came in one gate and a out another so could not have collected any bombs on the way!... but as we had had the same performance in Sydney on the way out we were better prepared for it. Terry was stopped and had to empty his rucksack as they thought there was something suspicious in it... all rather over the top.

We then had the next leg to Singapore which was a 8 hour flight through the night so we managed to doze/sleep a couple of them away. The transfer to the hotel was in the middle of the night and we arrived in the hot humid conditions about 3am in the morning to an air conditioned hotel for the rest of the nights sleep.

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