Teschanan Road Trip 2007 travel blog

Would Alton eat here?

We have decided that in the spirit of Alton Brown, we will not eat at any chain restaurants. We brought dinner from home last night so breakfast this morning is our first dining out experience of the trip. Did we choose wisely you ask. I think not. We are in the bustling town of Snowville Utah and we have two establishments to choose from. At first glace, Mollie's appears quaint and homey so we decided to try it out. Shortly after walking in we made our first mistake. We stayed. Mollie's was established in 1949. Mollie, who we believe was the owner and namesake, was our waitress. In addition to Mollie, there were other aspects of the place that had been there since 1949. Some of the dead flies on the window sill by our table for example, the dirt in some of the corners, and the heavily shellacked wood slab clocks with lovely pictures of white tigers or unicorns were no doubt vintage. The food was... almost edible. It left lots of room for improvement on the rest of the trip.

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