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Very pretty park but it can get cold

August 26, 2007 Barkerville, BC

Today's Travels

We left Prince George about 8:30 this morning caravanning with Scott and Di after they had refueled the MH - 0.888/liter (same as we paid) - and they may be good until we get back to the States.

The first 75 miles is on the familiar BC-97 and then we took BC-26 (aka Barkerville Highway) near Quesnel (oh, by the way, don't pronounce the "s" in Quesnel - it ain't there and you will be judged an outsider which you really are). This is a mountainous 2-lane road that travels mostly uphill because Barkerville is at 4200 feet. There aren't any really sharp curves, just a lot of curves and one narrow, steep but short canyon. Wells is the only town of any significance and you can get some groceries in town. Our 3.5 hour trip was pleasant but the clerk at the Visitor's Center near Jack of Clubs Lake wasn't. She was not having a good day but did sell us our discount Barkerville tickets.


We are dry camped at the very nice Lowhee Provincial Park that is about a mile from Barkerville. There is room for the largest of rigs but the road is narrow in places and bordered by water trenches or ditches that are 1-2 feet deep which made for some very exact wheel placement when backing into the sites. Everybody picks their own sites and we were a short walk from Scott and Di and had we been more observant, could have taken the site right next to them. Price is $19/day and they have heated showers and a dump site across the street.

Our Day

We got to camp and set up and the rain started but we jumped into the Jeep to revisit the points of interest we drove by on the way into town. We couldn't stop at most of them because there just wasn't room for the rigs. We took a short tour of Wells and decided the RV Parks that are in town are not meant for large rigs.

Our next stop was the village of Barkerville and the nice lady gave us the brochures and let us in a little early - entrance is free after 5 - so we might catch the end of the day street performance which was fun.

After dinner, we went to Scott and Di's motor home (remember, they have the big bank of batteries and the large inverter; their heater was running all evening) to make plans for attacking Barkerville. Looks like our interests are the same only for the first day and then each couple will find their own way on the 2nd day.

Critter Log

I think this was the day that the deer ran across the road in front of Scott and then down the road and then back across the road. Never trust a deer to do the right thing. They are crazy.

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