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Quiver Tree

Where in the Giant's Playground is Meredith?

Looking out over Fish River Canyon

Kolmanskop - Deserted Diamond Town


Dead Vlei

A large sand dune

We just realised that we have been in this incredible country for almost 3 weeks, and have not shared any of our experiences or given any details. This is all the more amazing considering how much we have loved this country!!!!

Within the first 48hours in Namibia, we found ourselves on a 7-day Tour to the South. Namibia's public transit system is basically non-existent - mainly due to the extremely small population [2 million people] & the vast desert landscape. The tour was brillant! They actually made vegetarian food - VERY VERY exciting for Mere. Some of the highlights were seeing the ancient Quiver Tree forest in the Giant's Playground (South-Eastern Namibia), Fish River Canyon & the Orange River (seperating Namibia & South Africa), the abandoned ghost town of Kolmanskop by Luderitz on the South-Western coast, and hiking in the Klein-Aus Vista.

The biggest highlight by far (maybe even for our entire trip) was seeing Sossusvlei which is a emphemeral pan in the middle of the Namib Desert. The dunes there are among the most photographed in the world and once you see them in person you understand immediately why. We hiked up Dune #45 (120 m high) at 5:30 am to watch the sunrise over the red curving sands. As the sunrose and the land was illuminated, we had the overwhelming sensation of the utter perfection of Mother Nature's work here. Huge red sief dunes in all directions coming to sharp wind blown peaks contrasted with the white cracked clays of dried up pans & the brillant blue cloudless sky made us feel like we were still dreaming. We spent the morning with our tour, hiking to Dead Vlei (a pan which has not had any water since 1997 - hence the dried up, dead trees in the picture). After lunch the rest of the people in our tour returned to camp to rest while we hired a local guide (Congolese 'Modest') to take us back to the dunes. Such an amazing place deserved more exploration. This was truely amazing as we were virtually the only people left in the park. I guess we were the only ones crazy enough to be hiking in the middle of the day [in the heat] after such an early start. Hiking in loose sand is no easy feat, as your constantly slipping backwards, forever stunting your progress. We watched the sun set from the top of Sossusvlei Dune together with Modest & an oryx [or 'gemsbok' - an antelope that looks like it walked out of a fairytale]. All in all a magical day that we will never forget.

Back to Windhoek to figure out our best option to get to see the North-West of the country....

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