John and Janet 2007 Alaska Trip travel blog

Olentangy Indian Caverns

How Did I Get Here?

Here's Some Food

You Already Ate A Bag!

No More For You

I Said No!


I'm Starved!

We say our goodbyes in Blanchester and head to Sunbury, Ohio. Near Columbus, we see a sign for the Olentangy Indian Caverns. In addition to the caverns, we can go gem mining here.

Surprisingly, I get John to go into another cave. It is a small, self-guided tour but enjoyable. When we get back to the gift shop, we discover that the gem mining is like gold mining. You buy a bag of dirt and pan for the gems they put in the bag. This is not for us but I buy two bags of animal food to feed the donkeys, lamb and goat they have here.

All four animals come running when they see me. The goat jumps up and grabs one whole bag of food. We have a short discussion and the goat wins! I think he has done this before. I have a good time feeding all four animals but I have to keep a close eye on that goat! He is pushy but then I guess most goats are.

We continue on to Sunbury and have a long talk with my Aunt Dot. She and Uncle Ralph drove the Alaska Highway three times! Of course, back then, the highway was not all paved as it is now!

Aunt Dot has really seen Alaska and we have many questions. Which routes did you take? Where did Uncle Ralph fish? Where did you stay at Denali and was it "out"? How long were your trips? (2 months, 3 months and 4 months!) Aunt Dot wants to know how we liked all the daylight. Only someone who has been there knows what this is like!

My cousin Peggy fixes us dinner. We are again well fed! We tell Aunt Dot that she is still ahead of us by two trips but we will try to catch up!

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