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Our last morning was wet but we were allowed to keep the room until 12 noon so there was no rush to pack and sort out our stuff for the first leg of our journey home. As we sat on our balcony having our last cup of coffee we suddenly noticed a person flying through the air from the top of the sky tower.... no problems .... he had paid for the trip and was attached by a harness and wires ..but you still would not get me doing it. We had been up the tower the previous afternoon and in the viewing deck they had glass areas you could walk over and see the road and traffic etc below. That experience was quite enough for me!

After booking out we went for our last swim and then drove to the airport. As it was Sunday the traffic was not too bad and we also knew our way round Auckland by now, particularly to the airport after our first days in New Zealand, so we made it without any hassel. The rental car peoople were also very efficient and so our leaving New Zealand went better than our arrival.

Our holiday in New Zealand came to an end after a fabulous time with good weather

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