Sheila & Terry's New Zealand special holiday travel blog

View of sky tower at night from our hotel balcony

The endangered takahe ( the larger bird) with the common potekeke

The hotel in Auckland is near the quay front and the sky tower so it was not easy to drive to after the flight in the hire car but we managed the Aickland traffic a bit better than at the beginning of the holiday with a map and a little more knowledge of the city!.... and it was bliss to have a hot bath and be able to spread out a little in a large hotel room when we finally made it.

On the first day we had a day walking around the quay and harbours with all the boats just relaxing and enjoying the comforts of the hotel!

On the next day we had a full day boat trip to Tiritiri Matangi which is a conservation island. Volunteers have been involved to irradicate all the pests from this island and plant 300,000 trees and shrubs between 1971 and 1998.Alot of the native bird life was reintroduced and without predators and little disturbance has done well so it was teeming with birds. They were not frightened so you got a good look at them and lots of videoing! The weather again was good so we had a lovely day to finish with.

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