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Yesterday was a mixed day with some relaxation, some chores, one near disaster, some time with friends, a visit with our daughter, etc.

I know that the part of that opening sentence which grabbed your attention was the reference to near disaster. :) If you folks have seen the movie, "RV" with Robin Williams, you will recall the holding tank dumping sequence. I nearly had a similar event yesterday.

I decided to empty the holding tanks while Marilyn was out doing the laundry. The next door neighbor, Roy, was going to work and he asked why I was dumping my tanks, adding that he just leaves his valves open. I had just pulled the handle on my black water tank and began dumping the body waste, as I explained to him that leaving the valves open all the time would lead to disaster because all of the liquid would run out, leaving the solid waste to accumulate in the bottom of the tank. He assured me that they had had no problem and I answered back that they were sure to have problems and have to replace their holding tank at some point. I then noticed that my sewer hose support was lop-sided and immediately reached to twist it around straight.

That is when the disaster struck. As I twisted the hose, it became disconnected from the RV and raw sewage began to spill on the ground. My lightning quick reflexes weren't enough to stop about a gallon of "bad stuff" from spilling on the ground under our RV.

Of course Roy & Fran were watching all of this, right after my lecture about dumping the tanks only when they were full. :)

We experienced all kind of trouble with the internet service after I began my journal entry this morning. Now I will try to complete it for you, for the second time.

I am going to type it into word and then just paste it into the journal entry.

After the episode with the holding tank dumping, Marilyn returned from doing the laundry, only to remember that she had left her book on a chair at the laundry mat. It was an autographed copy of "Race across Alaska" by Libby Riddle, who was the first female to win the Iditarod. We met her on our cruise to Alaska and were very impressed. Her book was a good read.

When Marilyn got back to the laundry mat, she was told that some friends of ours had picked up the book to bring it back to Marilyn. That had to be Al & Linda, since they were also doing laundry. (They brought the book to us later)

I had to get a shower and put on clean clothing after my little battle with the sewer.

We watched golf and the Cardinals ball game on TV, had some visitors, named Bob & Faye, drop by to visit about the Mobile Suites, and decided to go say hello to our daughter, Jennifer, at the hospital where she works.

We saw Al & Linda sitting outside so we asked them to go with us. We had a short but nice visit with Jennifer, then drove to Monroe City, MO to show Al & Linda where we used to live. We saw several old friends and stopped to visit with Gary Yager before driving back to Hannibal.

We decided to stop for dinner at the Golden Corral. We should know better. That is like leading pigs to the trough for us. We were stuffed when we left, vowing not to do that again. 

After watching a little TV we had recorded, we went to bed, where I watched the football game until it was well in hand by the Colts, then turned it off and dropped off to sleep.

It was a good night and we look forward to today when our good friends, Ralph & Rosalie arrive from Wichita.

We are excited about today and just can't wait to see what adventures are in store.......

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