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Trojan Horse

Plains of Troy

Inside Trojan Horse

Troy 6 - Chair for the King and Queen

Marble ruins

Troy! So everyone pretty much knows the story about Troy, but there is actually a lot more to it than we thought. There was actually 9 cities of Troy. Once each city was destroyed by fire, earthquake, war, etc, they built the new Troy on top of the old Troy. So at the ruins, there are layers of different cities which makes it very hard to understand. The Troy we have all heard about is thought to be Troy 6.

Apparently, it is believed that Troy was the birthplace of Western Civilization, dating back to 3000 bc. Some also think that the Prince ├Żn Troy 6 which brought Helen over and escaped in the Trojan War, actually settled Rome. Anyways, enough history for now. This afternoon we are of to more ruins at Pergamum. PEACE.


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