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Another pic of Mozie (fat cat) .

Jackson's Island where Tom Swayer aka Mark Twain played as a kid.

Here is Mozie again LOL. :-)

The other picture is of an island on the Mississippi where Mark Twain played as a kid.

Today started early for me 7am. That's early for me, I usally get up ay 9am. Got a shower and had eggs for breakfast, most of the time it's just am english muffen. I was a tour guide today and Fran worked the Rock Shop. Boy was it slow, I didn't get a tour till 11am, with just 2 people. WOW ! What a change. My next tour was at 2pm. I watched movies on my DVD player, the move was The Third Wheel, A funny move, you should watch it. Then my third and last tour was at 5pm, I had 4 people on that one. Poor Bob had 4 tours, one of witch I'm glad I didn't have to take. He had only one guy on his tour, and he was a different kind of guy, I mean different, you know different !!

When I went home Fran said the Van needed gas, so I went to WalMart and filled the tank. Oh did I tell that it really rained hard today. A gully washer. Man oh man lots of water. We had to use our wet weather enterance, a tunnel made just for that reason. We all had fun thou.

I got home from town and Fran had my favorit dinner ready, Rigatoni and ground beef, MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

We watched Last Comic Standing and last years winner was on. I think his name is Rob Blue. He has sarebal pulsey (spelling ??? not good) I really like hime he is so funny.

Well now it's time for bedy by (yawn) so .

Catch ya all later:)

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