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Old building-Venlo

Family time-Venlo

Peter,Judy,Piet,Irma and Lisette

Ancient wall-Venlo

Preservation work in progress

Tante Ellie, Lisette, Herman, Judy and Peter

Tuesday 4th September 2007 Weather 18/20 Sunny/Occasional rain

We had a very sound sleep, we did not get up until 7:30am and that is a record for us. The timed passed quickly with breakfast showers and lots of nice conversation. The idea was to go for a little walk, take some photos and then home and back out again for dinner. The little walk turned into a day affair the whole time Herman was enjoying memories from his youth (he was 10y.o. when his family immigrated to Australia). We were also fortunate to have our own tour guides in the name of Peter and Lisette who have an enormous amount of knowledge about their town. At one point we came upon 3 brickies restoring an original part of the town Wall (as you walk around through Venlo/Blerick you come across a red line painted on the ground, that is where the original town wall stood. The part that they were working on was built in the early 14th century. The brickies had found some little artefacts that the original brick layers had dropped in the brick work one of them being a broken pipe. You can just imagine an old brickie working so many years ago, he must have dropped his pipe and as it broke he just left it in the cavity of the wall. Makes you realise how many years already that people are smoking.

Time moved on and lunch was in order so we stopped at a little cafe" Baer de Woers". There was a very good ambience with a nice historic touch to the place. The menu had all the traditional Dutch dishes and what we ate was so delicious and with a large range of dishes that were so tempting that we decided to return there for the evening meal, instead of going to another place just around the corner. After a bit more wandering around we decided that we may as well stay in town instead of going home and coming back again 2 hours later so of to the Town square we went for a sit down at an outside cafe, a glass of wine/beer and a little rest. Luck was on our side for just as we sat down Hermans' last uncle (Piet) walked past with his lady friend Irma, both were wheeling their push bikes as you cannot ride them through the town square. Not bad for people in their late 70's, still riding their bikes everywhere. A pleasant 2 hours was spent reminiscing and then it was back to the restaurant for dinner, right on 6pm Tante Ellie turned up in the town taxi, they have a special taxi service here for the elderly and infirm that is allowed to access areas in the town where normal cars cannot enter, it also costs only a nominal fee of about $1:20. We all spent a very enjoyable time together and then as we had walked into town the walk home was in front of us. It was just as well as we had eaten so well that a good walk was in order to process some of that food; it was also beautiful so see another perspective of the town also lit up at night. Enough is enough for one day so of to bed we go.

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