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Yesterday we drank our coffee outdoors, as we talked about the things we needed to get done here before we leave. We have so many little things which need attention.

I did get the car washed yesterday. I discovered that I had given away all of the car wax I had, so I didn't get the car waxed like I had planned. I did wash the front of the 5th wheel and it looks much better. It will get a complete wash and wax job when we get to the valley next month. We can get the 5er washed and hand waxed for $100 down there. That is a bargain. I can also get the truck washed, waxed and detailed for $50. Another good deal.

I borrowed some small bolts from Al and fixed the two lounge chairs which were about to fall apart where the arms meet the back of the chair. I just realized that, to be completely accurate, Al gave me the small bolts, since I have no intention of giving them back. :)

Marilyn asked me to grill some chicken for lunch, so I did that also, and while the chicken cooked, I gathered up some firewood left by other campers. Jeff had stopped by and told me where to find some good firewood. We now have enough for a roaring campfire while our friends, Ralph & Rosalie are here.

The weather turned pretty hot yesterday afternoon. Jennifer came in to visit and we all sat in the cool of the A/C while the girls (Mom & Daughter) visited, and Dad (That would be me) tinkered with the new handheld GPS. I downloaded some geocaching coordinates for the surrounding area and maybe we'll get out to try some of that sport today.

In the evening we tried sitting outdoors for awhile. Bud & Nancy dropped by and then Al came over and we all visited for awhile, but the flies and honey bees drove us in. We have had no flies at all but the weather must be changing or something because they appeared by the hundreds.

We were just relaxing indoors when it suddenly began to rain. I had just washed the car and that makes it automatic for the rain to come soon. :)

We hurried outdoors to put our lawn furniture away, stopping long enough to roll the awning back in.

The forecast is for rain all during the next four days. That is natural since we have company coming from Wichita, KS, for the weekend. :)

We'll see. It takes a lot of bad things to spoil a weekend with good friends.

I may have to watch the Cardinal baseball game today. They are only one game out of first place now.

I had forgotten to write about Norb & Maggie's visit the other day. I think it was Sunday when they drove by to see us. Maggie was Marilyn's room mate in Quincy, IL when Marilyn and I had first met. Gee, I guess that was more than 46 years ago now. Time flies when you are having fun, right? :)

Maggie's daughter and her two boys were with them and it was nice to meet them also. The two boys were really neat kids. They were fascinated by the frog which croaks whenever someone walks up to the 5th wheel. Marilyn bought that for our daughter, Jennifer, but she didn't use it and we have it now. It faithfully announces the arrival of any visitor by croaking loudly several times. Marilyn noticed yesterday that some small animal is eating the toes off of the frog. :)

Well folks, the sky is clear this morning so maybe we'll have another wonderful day. It is time for our morning coffee and I can't wait to see what this day has in store......

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