Anthony's Wild West 2007 travel blog

Golden Gate Bridge in the morning fog

My car amongst the Giant Redwoods

Some Redwoods

Some other Redwoods

The Carson House, Eureka

Detail on the Carson House

Ferndale Church

A Ferndale hotel

Where I had dinner in Ferndale

And that doesn't mean my Native American male friend, as a colleague put it when I said that was what I was doing.

So an early start, and I drove right through San Francisco along 19th Avenue and over the Golden Gate Bridge. I was quite proud of myself for managing this without getting lost, and it was a thrill to drive over the Bridge despite the fog obscuring much of the view. It was the first time since I've been here that I've felt cold.

A lot of driving today, it took me nearly 5 hours to get to the Avenue of the Giants in the Humboldt Redwood Park. This is a 32 mile road through forests of enormous Redwoods, some nearly 400 foot high and 2,000 years old. I spent nearly five hours in the Park and only got about 20 miles as I kept stopping to gawp, take photos and walk around. It is very hard to catch the trees in photos, but they are both massive and very, very tall, and incredibly impressive. And there are not many people around either considering it is a public holiday.

As the day was drawing on I called a halt to being amazed by trees, and drove north to Eureka to see this particular Victorian mansion, which looked even better than expected in the late afternoon sun. And then I drove back south again to Ferndale, a small town of Victorian houses, brightly coloured and also looking great in the warm evening sun. And I had my first proper drink, since I was in a place small enough to be able to walk to the one saloon, where I had a good drink and met some very interesting folk.

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