The Sweezey's 'RV TIME' Journey travel blog

Highest point in New Jersey - High Point State Park

Our Pond Eddy cottage - 1974-1976

Our old friend Jerry - he made our day!

It was a tight fit across the Delaware River (7 ton limit)

Skyway RV Resort - SSSS

Another great day! We headed North along the Delaware River into Port Jervis, NY and High Point, NJ. We knew these areas from 30 years ago when Joyce and I had a cottage on the Delaware River in Pond Eddy, PA. We found our way to the old cottage, bravely crossing a single lane bridge across the river from New York State. To our surprise and excitement, our Pond Eddy neighbor, Jerry and Vera are still living in the house next door and we had a great visit with Jerry. Seeing an old friend unexpectedly after 30 years was a great rush for Joyce and me. It made our day seeing Jerry again. Our best wishes for Vera.

We toured in the area, seeing the place where we were married on 2/22/75 and where we had the wedding reception. Great memories! We continued up into New York State, through Monticello and to our campsite at the the Skyway RV Resort in Greenfield, NY. Its rather expensive, but a good park - SSSS.

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