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We are now in Ehenbichl near Reutte, Austria. It rained a lot today. We got in this afternoon from Munich. We checked into our hotel and went up to our room. Our room is beautiful. We have a nice sitting area a few steps above where the bed is. We also have a balcony with a beautiful view of the Alps. We drove through a lot of rain coming from Munich so we were excited to see the sun come out. Unfortunately by the time we headed back out to drive around the area (about 5 min.), the sun was already gone. We drove around the area anyway and saw some of the cutest little towns. While we were checking out one of the towns and taking pictures the rain turned to sleet, a very brief amount of snow and then hail. I don't think I have seen so many forms of precipitation on one day in September before.

The rain nearly stopped while we were by a very picturesque lake. If I remember correctly it was called Hallensee. There was a little bit of fog over various portions of the lake. Where we stopped there was a cool little boat and some ducks. While I was taking pictures of them, a swan swam up. It was rather amusing to see the small wake the swan left behind.

We crossed back and forth between Germany and Austria a couple of times on different roads around the mountains. If the computer had a USB connector I would try to load up a picture or two from today. I can't get my yahoo email to work with the browser setup here either. Oh well! If you want to send a message to us, it would probably work best to do it through since I could see the messages there.

The Ehrenberg castle ruins are on the hill above us. We will probably go see them tomorrow and probably Schloss Hohenswangau and Neuschwanstein on Thursday morning on our way up to Rothenburg. Since there is so much rain, we're trying to figure out what works best with the weather forecast today.

The map location for this entry isn't quite right since Reutte wasn't on the list. The closest city I figured it would definitely find is Innsbruck. We should be able to post something again tomorrow since they have a computer with internet access here at the hotel. The keyboards here certainly take some getting used to. A couple of the letters are in different places. Fun stuff!

Gruss Gott!

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