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sunrise over the beach...waiting for the action..they emerge from high up on...

spot the penguin just setting off across the beach below us!

After the evening entertainment of the little blue penguins coming from the sea in noisy bunches paddling out of the dark we decided that if the weather was Ok in the morning we would get up early and try to catch the yellow-eyed penguins(YEP) going out for their day fishing.There is a small colony in the adjacent bay. The YEP are larger and loners and go out to sea and return one by one after the sun has risen and back just before sunset whereas the little blue penguins set off before sunrise and come back in the dusk. To see the YEP set off we only had to get up at 6.45a.m.just as the sun was rising.

In the morning we decided that as it was only a short distance away we would cycle there....great idea at the time.... it was a glorious clear day again with no wind. and the sun rise over the harbour as we cycled past was glorious..until we saw the VERY STEEP and quite long hill we had to go up to get to the cliff top hide! We arrived puffing and panting and just as we arrived we saw the back of a YEP diving into the sea. We thought we had missed them but as we patiently waited another one appeared just below us, stood for a while facing the sun as if warming himself before waddling down to the sea and into the waves and off. We then spotted a little white speck about 30m up on the cliff amongst the bushes.We watched it through the binoculars and after 6 to 7 min it arrived on the beach and went off to sea. In all we saw 5 YEP set off between 7.25am and 7.45am and before it became quiet.There are about 9 pairs in this colony so I guess we only saw the lazy onesthat were late!

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