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Lots of Tourests at the MTC

More peeps in the cave...

Yesterday was one busy day. I was suppose to up at the Rock Shop,but when I got to work they were really short of guides. So they ask me to be a guide and man the **** hit the fan. We were in for a very interesting day. My first tour of the day had 35 people waiting for me to show them the cave. Some of the customers even asked for me by name, they wanted the best quide LOL. The second tour I had 32 people, it was that all day. When i got home last night I was ready to up my feet up and relax. We had people from all the world, like Germany, Japan, Sweeden and even Iraq.

To day was the same way maybe busier. Today when I got to work at 9:45 I had a tour waiting for me 39 people. Wow... We stayed busy all day. Today was Sunday and I thought that it would slower in the morning suprize, suprize. One good thing about days like this the day goes fast. Today we had some young adults that were trying to get off the tour route, but I have a sharp eye and I catch them all the time. Some people got upset because they thought they should go when they want to go, on the tour that is. There are set time and we all have to deal with these time that set up by the ticket person. It always works out ok thou.

Getting back to our trip home. We had to go Nashville VA to my heart doc. They put me on some new meds. One of these med they gave me gives me the do run, runs, boy can't win. I hope they work better. I had the Va check my sleep machine and they seem to think it is ok, but I know better. It is set on auto and they need to do an in hodiptal sleep study and find out what my machine should be set at. It wakes me up every night when it canges to a higher speed. I guess I'll have to talk to someone higher up to get it taken care of. Did I mentioned we put 1200 miles on our car on this trip. Man o man.

Well getting late and I need to get more sleep tonight. Tommarrow will be busy again. Look at the pic of people, Ha Ha....

Catch ya later

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