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Todd working in our loft

Sink area in our bedroom

Emily walking into our flat

Corrner of bedroom

Going down the stairs into the living room...steep!

Todd cleaning in our shared kitchen

Dinner table. The German couple's room is on the left

Sign on our toilet!

Living room

Over the edge!

Home. We opened the door to our new apartment, not expecting much. It was late at night and we were very tired from our 6 hour train ride from Oslo. We saw much of the countryside, which was absolutely amazing. It really is magical here.

Well, we walked in and...we discovered a huge flat! We had a nice sized living room with a couch, chair, and two tall shelves. Then, we discovered stairs to our loft bedroom! They were a bit difficult to climb, but Todd and Emily were pros at climbing from years of hiking with the Olins and climbing into the loft at the cabin!

Our bedroom was located upstairs--we had 2 desks, 2 huge wardrobes, a sink and a mirror, and a nice sized double bed. Oh, and did we mention 2 large skylights? We unpacked quickley, made the bed, and crashed. Home.

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