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We found a new hard drive for our old laptop at this...


Our hand carved walking sticks for walking in the jungle

Our last morning in Antigua before heading back

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Cold drink anyone?

stopping for repairs

No bus drivers union here, they drive them and fix them

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Bus repairs

Our trip to Guatemala City and Antigua had been highly successful. We had found a new English model laptop for a great price and had our hard drive replaced in the old laptop, again at an excellent price. We had enjoyed a break from the confines of the boat and the humidity in the Rio Dulce and it was time to return.

After our adventurous but tiring trip there we decided to treat ourselves to the $16 luxury trip back. A mini bus would pick us up at our hotel door at 9 a.m., take us to the bus station in Guatamala City where we would catch an airconditioned bus with a washroom back for the 5 hr trip to Rio Dulce.

At 10 am. the mini van was still twisting and turning around the streets of Antigua, passing our hotel repeatedly and it was 11:30 before we arrived in G City for the 10 o'clock bus. Our tickets were changed to an 11:30 bus and off we went. The air conditioning was cranked so high that I wore John's coat for most of the ride. I guess the thinking must be to get the bus as cold as possible before nearing the Rio Dulce where the extreme heat makes a/c almost useless on the bus.

We soon realized that this was no express bus, as we stopped in every little town imaginable along the way. In one town a big bus part was loaded onto the bus and when we stopped for a brief (usually 15 minute) lunch break the driver, helper and several other men crawled under the bus, removed the old part and installed the new one. 45 minutes later we were finally on our way. When we reached Morales, about 1/2 hr from home, the bus stopped and we were all herded off. All the luggage was removed and loaded onto a second bus, which continued the rest of the way. We had left at 9 a.m. and it was 7 p.m before we were back at the marina, after Marco picked us up from town in the launcha.

We had left the a/c on in the boat in our absence but due to almost daily power outages it had stopped and not restarted so the boat was about 100 degrees inside, a somewhat appropriate welcome back to the Hotter than H--- Rio Dulce! Ah home sweet home!

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