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One of the campsites

View of the campground

Look at the trucks

Yesterday we had our morning coffee indoors and then went for a walk around the campground, talking to a few people and admiring the campfires with campers frying bacon for breakfast, etc. It was a wonderful morning with very comfortable temperatures and low humidity.

Marilyn and I both were working. Marilyn is getting better but still coughs and I am still doing great with no signs of catching anything. I am keeping my fingers crossed and taking my daily vitamins though. :)

I led four tours to Cameron Cave yesterday and they were all good people who were having fun.

Once the last tour ended, I went to the video store to rent a movie and then to pick up a fresh, hot pizza. By the time I arrived back at the RV, Marilyn was home and we were soon settled in to watch movies, with pizza and iced tea.

It was around 10:30 PM when we decided to head for bed. We rolled up the awning, opened the windows and turned the A/C to the OFF position.

It was a great night for sleeping! The temperatures cooled down enough to make a blanket feel just right. I awakened around 4:30 AM and just layed there for awhile, so warm and comfortable, with a slight cool breeze coming in the open window, the slight aroma of dying campfires lingering in the cool air. It was an awesome feeling to just be so comfortable and know that I could just go back to sleep, so I did just that!

We are now enjoying our first cup of fresh, hot coffee, and getting ready for the day. Tomorrow is my last day at work in the cave, and Marilyn is already done.

We are getting closer to finalizing our plans to leave at the end of this month.

Well folks, I hope you all have a wonderful day. This day looks as if it will be a perfect day for any outdoor activities. I can't wait to see what this day has in store...

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