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Hey All!

Well we made it! Following my usual sprint down the terminal (as they so did NOT make an announcement that our flight was boarding) we made the plane and made the 9 hour journey. Don't worry I took advantage of the free wine on board.

My mother and I successfully traversed the french metro managing to look like the biggest tourists in the history of tourists but we got to our hotel without getting lost.

We've spent the last 3 days in Paris and easily haven't seen half of what's here. We basically just wander around and run into all sorts of things (ie. the arc de triomph, the louvre, the eiffel tower - turns out we can see that from our balcony).

My french is tres pathetic so I attempt to order something and people just answer in english. In fact they don't even need to hear me speak before they talk to me in english.

In hilarious stories, cobble stone is impossible to walk on in flats... picture me in heels with some wine in me... not pretty. Okay that hasn't happened yet but I did trip walking down the street sober in flats and yah I'm that cool. Oh and I can confirm that McDonalds does serve biere!!! And wine is cheaper than water... I love this country.

Oh and being as cultured as we are my mother and I decided to go the the museum of modern art. Poor decision. We managed to go to a showing of a woman from the deep south and well... it was basically about racism, violence and sex, done in silhouettes... there were a lot of penises and she followed up with some really nice letters about how she wanted to rape some man. Awkward to begin with even more awkward to see with your mom.

We leave for Lille tomorrow to try and set up my res room but I believe that tomorrow is a holiday for something soooo I don't think we can get it. Should be interesting!

Miss you all,


hahaha oh ya and the police car lights are purple here

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