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Yesterday began innocently enough. We had our coffee indoors and Marilyn was feeling a little better. I went in to work around 9:00 AM while Marilyn came in at 10:00 AM.

I carried the camera with me all day, expecting that I could find time to go through the Mark Twain Cave and take some pictures. That just didn't happen.

I was busy all day leading tours of Cameron Cave. The first three tours were with nice people and we had a good time. When we returned to the gift shop after tour number three, there were three kids with their mother, who were acting terrible. The three boys were loud and over-active, being a disruption to all around them. I was immediately glad that they hadn't been on my tour.

Then my fourth and final tour was announced and guess who showed up. Yep!

I hoped that the walk up the hill would tire the boys a bit and they would be ok once the tour began, but that wasn't near enough activity. :)

All during the tour, the boys constantly interupted my talk about the cave. When I asked them to wait until I was finished to start talking, the mother whispered loud enough for all to hear, that "He doesn't like for people to talk!"

I tried to explain that the tour was on a schedule and that I only wanted the boys to stop interupting while I was speaking. Nothing changed. I finally told the boys that they could either stop ruining the tour for the other folks, or I would take them out of the cave immediately. That got them quiet long enough for the tour to begin moving again. These boys were terrible and the mother obviously had no wish to control them at all. I finally stopped and layed down the law to the mother and the boys. Later the other people on the tour thanked me and just shook their heads at the behavior of these little brats. Most of the other people, like me, blamed the mother more than the boys.

In any case I was sure glad when that tour was over, and I plugged the lanterns in to charge, put the radio and keys away, then clocked out and walked back to the peace and quiet of our RV.

Marilyn and I had some home made soup and watched the St Louis Cardinals baseball game. They won and moved within two games of first place.

I slept well and had a really stupid dream. I awoke during the night, laughing. I won't try to explain the silly dream, but suffice it to say that a dirty diaper falling from the sky was involved. Silly!

Well folks, today is the next to last day of being a tour guide for me. I have only Monday to work before being free again. Marilyn is finished after today. Yahoo!!!

My lovely bride of 45 years just placed a cup of hot coffee in front of me, so I had better get off of here. Hope all of you folks have a wonderful day. The weather is beautiful again today, and I can't wait to see what this day has in store.....

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