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Our next place of interest was the litle blue penguin colony at Oamaru. It is a conservation project and has a viewing area where you wait and on cue the little penguins paddle in from the sea calling to each other. A raft of between 10 to 20 paddle in out of the gloom at a time and then struggle to climb up onto the rocks getting battered around by the waves. Once on the rocks they scurry like mad before they get washed off again. After reaching safety out of the waves way they stop to rest, preen themselves and then go to their burrows....well most of them. A few seem to wander around lost. They may have been ones that were not part of the main colony and did not have nesting burrows at Oamaru.

It was another magical experience with nature. Amazing how these small 1kg 30cm high little penguins can find each other out at sea to come ashore at the same time of day each day!

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