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The campsite at Portobello is about 12km from a large royal albatross colony so as it was another glorious day we decided to cycle along the rest of the coast road to the end of the peninsula to see them. It was a fabulous cycle even against the wind ..well until we had to climb up to the cliff top at the end, which was tough!

There was a visitors centre at the end and a viewing area to look at the pied shag colony which also nests there and along the cliffs... all the nests are equally spaced out ,just out of pecking reach of the next shag. As I was watching these a HUGH bird glided past. It has a 3m wingspan.. Wow...the royal albatross. We did not realize how lucky we were to see one as they can travel over 1000km a day (average 500km) and only come to the nest about once every few days for a few minutes to feed their chicks. There are only 4 chicks at the moment so not many albatrosses flying around. The lady at the visitors centre said we should go and buy a lottery ticket!

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