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Yesterday was another beautiful day with temps in the 80's. We had our coffee indoors as Marilyn has that darned cold once again. She claims that she will be fine once we get back to the valley in Texas. :)

We are both very anxious to get moving again. We want to be in the valley and not working. Of course, the weather here is getting much nicer and we have only a few more days to work. Maybe we'll feel different when we are free once again, to enjoy the full-timing lifestyle.

Gilbert from Canada called and we miss them so much. We will sure be glad to see Gilbert & Louise again. Also Heinz & Irene, Carl & Linda and other friends we met last winter.

At work yesterday, it was sort of a joke. On the first tour to Cameron Cave, there were only two people, the second tour had seven really nice folks, most from Canada, then tours number 3 & 4 had only two people each. A total of 13 people for four tours. We could easily have had only one tour and taken all of them at once. Oh well, such is life!

We saw lots of bats in the cave yesterday. Most were sleeping on the walls, but we did see quite a few flying around.

Marilyn and I are both working today and tomorrow. Then she is finished while I have only Monday to work. Then we begin to pay rent to stay here. :(

It is cool this morning. The temp inside our coach is only 68 degrees. Outdoors it is 54 degrees. That is wonderful! This is one of those morning when we miss our fireplace. The switch will be replaced when we get to the dealer in Liberty, MO. That would be just the thing to take the chill off this morning.

Well, folks, Marilyn has coffee ready so I had better go. It is going to be such a beautiful day today and I can't wait to see what this day has in store......

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