Jake in a Hurry to the Club

Friends Todd & Jake met at the Club

Jake After the Club

The Songtow/TukTuk/AutoRickshaw-This One's A Beaut!

Yes, We Have Power for this Boat! (Called a Longtail)

A Scorpion Snack Anyone!

Cinima in the Big City - Jake Finally Meets His True Love

We began from Siem Reap by bus - not AC like we had paid for! After about 20 minutes the bus broke down...we waited 'til someone showed up and got it started again. On the road (by the way there were 23 passengers + two others and backpacks inside the bus, no luggage rack on top) - all seats were filled including the jump seats in the aisles.

Another 20 minutes and again, breakdown this time brought a couple to repair guys along. We made it the next leg out of town and well on the way on smooth road(paved at least). Then after we had left the pavement and were about 20 minutes on the dirt, with potholes etc. it broke down a final time. The driver made some calls(all the while he does not speak any English and only a fellow travelling did some translating - we later suspicioned that this might have been an arranged scam) and then abruptly took a truck driving by back towards the last town. We waited and within about 15 minutes he reappeared with a pickup truck! The long and the short of it...all 25 of us plus packs(all of us tourists except these 2 guys)piled into, onto the truck which drove from 10:30 am until almost 3pm to the border on the most dusty, potholed, curvy, trafficy, lousy road I think I have ever been 'priviledged' to travel on! You could not move once in the back or inside the cab...there was no topper so the dust completely covered all...two sat above/on top of the cab and one on the front hood the whole way to the border.

We crossed the border and got into 2 AC vans which took us the rest of the way into Bangkok - arrival time: 9 pm. Luckily an Brit fellow in our van had a cell phone(he was married to a Thai but lived in England, here on vacation to visit family) and let me call ahead to Sawatdee Guesthouse where we had stayed before and they had one family room left - actually their only room left! When we arrived the driver thankfully dropped us off there - we were beat to say nothing of dirty, sweaty, and down right grubby!!

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