Group in Front of Angkor Wat - Todd, Tim, Bon, Mari, Jake

Group Run in Angkor Wat

Watching Sunset at Angkor

Tourists Photographing Sunset at Angkor

The Sunset!

Angkor Wat - Pony Rides!

Bas Relief - Angkor Wat

Looking Down the Steps Up - Angkor

Jake on the Steps Up!

Monk on the Steps Up!

The Boy and his Dog at Angkor

His Face This Big Times 50 +!

The Jungle Encroaches!

More Encroaching!

Todd & Jake Beneath another Encroacher!

Monk In Angkor Temple w/ His Inscense

Little Boy in Front of Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat at Sunset

Reflecting on Angkor Wat

Beauty in Bas Relief - Some Styles Never Change! (STFB)

More Bas Relief Guarding the Entry

Elephants on Parade

And More Faces

Jake Examines Bas Relief up Close (& Personal)

A Jap Snap

Another Jap Snap

A Squat Shot

A Double Squat Shot!

Library in Preah Kahn - Note 'Roman' Columns

View From Top at Bakong

This Guy is from 980 a.d.-We Ain't Lion!

Jake - No Bull!

Jake at Sunset

We Ride in Style - Not a Bad Gate Either!

Bon's Mighty Happy in Angkor

Another Great Angkor Shot

A Cambodian Gas Station

Tim,Todd, & Jake to Angkor - One More Time(Todd & Jake Play...

Update: 2013

Archaeologists Discover Lost City In Cambodian Jungle

Update: 1-3-2012

Demise of Angkor

Got here early enuf to go to see sunset atop temple - Phnom Bakheng - climbing 220' to the top was quite a scene, huge #'s of tourists...all evening viewings after 5 pm are free entry into the area, so tons of buses, tuk tuks, motorbikes, bicycles, etc., but especially today which is a holiday here in Cambodia!! Todd took some great photos of tourists taking photos...we are planning to put one on a T-shirt in Bangkok and having the caption "Siem Reap...Wat They Have Sown!" Any takers besides us?

We got our 3 day passes with photo ids($40 US) and first and second days we went by bike:

Visit Geographic on Ankgor

1. Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm, & Ta Nei 2. Angkor Thom & Preah Kahn...Mari didn't bike the second day since she wanted to go to a butterfly garden which was only open 'til 5pm so she went by tuk tuk(2 wheel cart pulled by motorbike). On the last day in the park we went by tuk tuk since the sites we wanted to see were more than 30 km from town in different directions - Banteay Srei, Banteay Samre, & Roluos. These sites were all part of a large metropolis that existed from about 800 'til 1450 ad of the kingdom which was largely Khmer altho it encompassed most of SE Asia at the time. These sites had a total of over one million people and all that remains are the temples and important burial sites etc. of the god/kings which were built of stone mostly. The majority of the area now in jungle or under cultivation was covered by wood, palm, or other kinds of structures which, of course, have long disintegrated.

There were many memorable sights but Todd and Jake really got into (excuse the expression) "Jap Snaps" due to the huge # of tourists - many Japanese - all trying to get the 'perfect' shot or at least one with someone posing in front of some monument! It became quite a photo quest!

We stayed a couple more days but finally left by what we expected would be an AC bus(we paid extra!)

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