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Beautiful Beach on this sunny day

The Kindergarten in the local Village

All the modern conviniences are there

Playing rugby - The most popular pastime in Fiji

Still smiling together after 7 weeks

The resort had organised a lunar party for guests on the 28th as there was a lunar eclipse in the Southern hemisphere. We were all so excited to be here in Fiji where we had expected to see constant blue sky and sun and thought we would have a beautiful starry night and full moon. Darren was particularly looking forward to it, as he had been trialing the cocktails to make sure they could be served that evening! The party for the 14 guests there was great, however, believe it or not, it was POURING!!! Just pouring. The rain was thundering down. Apparently, it is quite unusual for it to rain so much, but we would say that it rained rather quite frequently, although it was also sunny. That is why the island is so lush and gorgeously green; the flora is definitely beautiful.

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