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Yesterday we had our coffee indoors and then Marilyn decided to drive to Quincy, IL to do some shopping. I stayed home with a few chores. :)

I dumped the holding tanks, made a few business phone calls, and then purchased some charcoal for the grill. While I was in the camp store, I spoke with the owner here at the cave/campground and made arrangements for next spring, when we return to this area.

Our plans have changed so much due to the expected arrival of our first grandchild on or about Feb 21st. We now plan to tow the 5th wheel from the Rio Grande valley to Hannibal, MO and arrive here by Feb 20th. Even though the campground is still closed they will allow us to live here. We will move to a different space once the campground opens on April 1st. We plan to be here until the first week in June, before moving out west for the summer. Also, we have agreed to work an RV show in Springfield, IL at the end of March.

I decided to use the grill and have some pork steak grilled, with some of that great bar-b-cue sauce on it, by the time Marilyn got home. I did that but couldn't resist eating some of it before she returned. I had to test it! :)

After that, I called a friend and we spoke on the phone for about an hour. The signal was a bit weak here in the valley so we had to make several attempts but finally gave up and called it quits. It is always nice to talk to old friends who have shared the cockpit of a corporate jet with me.

I had agree to take one tour for the other guides at work who were either needing to leave early or were not feeling well, so I took a shower and dressed for work. I ended up leading one tour of Mark Twain cave, and they were a good group of people. One family had made a long trip to visit Six Flags in St Louis, and then discovered that they were closed on the day they were there. So they were visiting the cave complex. We kidded them about being like the Clark Griswold family in the movie "Lampoons Vacation".

They were a lot of fun and we all had a wonderful time on the tour.

After that, I changed clothing and got ready to go out for dinner with friends. Marilyn wasn't feeling well since she has come down with a bad cold, but she was determined to go out to eat.

Al & Linda, Bud & Nancy, along with Marilyn and I, jumped into our van and drove to El Vaquero for dinner. Wednesday evenings they have the $2.00 margeritas. We had a great time with lots of laughs and returned to the campground, only to sit outdoors until it got dark and the mosquitoes drove us in.

We didn't sleep very well last night due to Marilyn coughing and sneezing most of the night. She is going to stay home today and try to get better, so she can work Friday and Saturday.

I am working, giving tours of Cameron cave, on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Monday. Then I am done for this year. Today looks like a beautiful day and I just can't wait to see what this day has in store....

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