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We had enjoyed our evening encounters with the wildlife so much we went back to the area the following morning and walked from Cannibal Bay to Surat bay (2hour walk). The weather was wild with rain and sun but it was fabulous. We saw another sealion on Surat beach which sat up and seemed to say (I will sit up for this photo call if you then go away and leave me to sleep in peace!).

We found 2 more sealions on the dunes ..a hugh black bull and his mate ...very impressive.

We were sad to leave the area after lunch but had to head to our next destination which was Dunedin.The drive was very straight and flat through a mixture of sunshine and black clouds and rain, creating some brilliant rainbows in the black sky.

Dunedin has the most fabulous swimming pool complex you can imagine.It has a warm olympic sized pool which they divide into half across the middle using a moveable barrier dividing it into 2 25m pools Each of these is then divided into many lanes for different speed swimmers.All the lanes were being used as well as the learners pool and the two large diving pools but it was still easy to have a good swim. As well as these areas for swimming there was a leisure pool area you could use with a wave machine and some fantastic jets and large waterfalls which you could use to massage your back and neck....just what I needed. I felt a new person after it all.

We then drove out from Dunedin along the Otago peneinsula coast raod in the dark to our campsite which was quite an experience. The road has no barrier and was at times inches from what looked like the deep harbour water spraying over the road. It is also a very windy road!

When we got to the campsite we were told that about 1 person every fortnight on average ends up in the water and you were not classed as a local until "you had been in the drink!" They had only had 4 fatalities in the last 5 years so they thought that was good!The water is only a few feet in depth at high tide and is a mud flat at low tide so in the light of the day and low tide it did not seem so bad.

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