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The next day was wet and cloudy.We travelled straight across the south island to Gore (where we bought our saddles) then to Balclutha and down to a bay called Surat Bay where there are supposed to be sea lions about..... and sure enough as we walked along the beach(in the rain) we almost tripped over a sealion asleep on the beach. Further along there was another one but this was more lively and trundled past us very close... in fact so close he stopped and threatened us because he felt trapped.He had gone land side of us and could not get up onto the sand dune ledge.

After this we went to Nugget Point and watched the yellow eyed penguins come ashore at dusk. They came in ones and twos paddling in on the surf before they stood up in about 2inches of water a waddled up the beach stopping when they got to the steep path up the cliff to preen themselves and socialize with other penguins that were standing around with their little wings sticking out to dry. They have a very loud call which they make to announce their arrival and as they mate for life sometimes their mate replied before they hopped/walked/waddled up the rocks and cliff to disappear into the bush where they nest. It was magical watching them.There were often up to 10 penguins in view at a time at stages on the path up the cliff or waddling up the beach.

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