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When we had arrived back at the campsite we had thought it was odd that the bikes which were hanging on the back of the van had all their lights turned on. A button is pressed to turn on the lights and you press it again to switch them off.. then press again and they come on flickering. When we arrived back from Milford Sound we discovered that we had travel all the way with the bike lights flashing red and white!... very odd we thought ... but thought nothing more.... until Terry discovered that the bike saddles had been destroyed.. pecked away.

The Kea are a Parrot with a very inquisitive nature and a very strong curved beak.They must have thought it was Christmas having so many perches on the bike handle bars, saddles,racks etc and enjoyed playing. They love rubber and are known to be a menace on cars. They must have switched on the lights too!

WE had to buy two new saddles before we could ride again .

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