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Around the Point - Cabot Beach

Kayaking Malpaque Bay


Today, we ventured into the water with the kayaks. It was a beautiful day; about 75 degrees but cooler on the water and there was quite a breeze. We went about 3 miles in the kayaks. We put them into the water at the beach and then headed to the left around the capes against the current. We were going to go across to an island but in the middle of the waterway, I got a little nervous because we were in a channel and the water was kind of capricious - a little left, a little rolling right and very deep with eddies visible everywhere. I half expected the monster of the deep to rise out of the water. So, we turned around and headed to the shoreline where it was calmer and more manageable mentally for me.

Forget what they tell you about the water being as warm as Virginia---not accurate but it wasn't that cold either. LBI is probably alot colder - and here, there are no waves to speak of.

Girls, forget the diet!!! A word about the food. Good thing neither of us has gout because we have been eating massive quantities of shellfish. Poor Carlie and Ray would be suffering.

Today, at the recommendation of the waiter from the Oyster Bar from last night, we ate lunch at the Malpeque Oyster Bar right outside the campground. Wow!!!!!!!!! Anthony Bourdain- eat your heart out - because the raw oysters and the steamed mussels in the restaurant's "secret" sauce were the best we have EVER had - bar none!!!!!!!!! The owner would not give me the recipe but told me interestingly, that she only uses margarine - never butter - and that there is granulated garlic (not sure what that is exactly - is it the powder? Or minced?) and the water from the mussels themselves. There was an unidentifiable green herb in there too which I believe was parsley but again, the recipe was not forthcoming. We are tempted to stay another day just to eat there again.

Did I mention that this is the seed potato capital of the world so they claim? Well, there are potato fields as far as the eye can see and where there are potatos, there must be potato chips. They sell them here in potato sack bags and according to the potato chip king (Bob of course), these are as good as Herr's. I agreed and believe me when I say you can't just eat one!!!!

And, by the way, if anyone sees Blair Galaton, tell her that in keeping with the potato flavor of things, the classic rock radio station here is 102.1, SPUD radio. Too funny!

However, those wonderful things aside, we are soooo spoiled in Pennsylvania by the great fruits and vegetables we can buy. You would think that with such great soil, these folks would be selling all kinds of fresh vegetables at least but what you can get in the store is awful. I did get some nice blueberries that were locally grown.

This place is really heaven though if you are looking for quiet beaches and miles and miles of empty beaches. We took a walk this afternoon and aside from the guy out in the water clamming, we never saw a soul and both remarked out totally quiet it was. There are lovely homes overlooking the water but they are few and far between in little pocket communities.

Tomorrow, we are leaving here and driving over to the northeast coast after visiting the capitol city of Charlottetown - population of 35,000. Weather is supposed to be good again at least until Friday.

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