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Now we're in cuzco, arrived early this afternoon. It's BEAUTIFUL, and reminds me of what a small european town must be like. We wandered around some of the markets, buying all things alpaca including hats and mitts (for the couple doing the Inca trail), alpaca socks and even alpaca slippers, so comfy. everything is so cheap. For example: a beer is 3 solas. 3 solas=1 canadian dolor. Yes, beer for a dollar. We bought a bottle of wine for our room--17 solas. I love it!

Tomorrow we have a city tour of cuzco, etc... off to dinner in about an hour. The best part about GAP so far is that you don`t have to do annything yourself. At the airport they get your boarding passes, your luggage...our guide MOnica is great, she's from Lima. She makes all the dinner reservations at these fabulous restaurants. We are eating and drinking well. Last night we think we had alpaca for dinner, not sure though.

The group is funny, all different personalities and we seem to all get along well. We are the only canadians and every time they see our bags they make fun of our canadian flags. Mine has 2 on it, they think it's a bit of overkill, which it probably is! The irish couple Chris and Gerri are my favourite, I almost can't understand them. The two younger couples, from London and Cork are fun, we spend most of our time with them. Everyone calls us "the girls" or "the sisters". The irish couple especially loves to make fun of all things canadian. The older folks in the group are totally hanging in there, we are impressed. One guy had a knee replacement recently and is still going.

Anyways, my fingers are freezing...must go drink more coco leaf tea, which helps with the altitude...and the cold weather. It is made from the same stuff cocaine is, but much weaker...weeeeee!

Hope all is well...thanks for your messages!

Erin (& KIM who seems to be getting out of having to type these)

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